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Privacy Policy Principles

Applegate Insurance Consultants Ltd takes Privacy of Personal Information very seriously. We fully respect your privacy. Our Compliance with current legislation is continually reviewed and updated.

Our main Principles of protecting your Privacy are :-

1. We value the trust that you place in us, by providing us with your Personal Information.

2. Your Personal Information is only used in a way that is worthy of gaining that trust.

3. Clear information is provided regarding how we use your Personal Information. We shall be transparent with you regarding the information we collect, what we do with it, to whom we share it, and who you should contact if you should have any concerns.

4. We will take all reasonable steps, to protect your Personal Information from misuse, and keep it secure in both Paper & Electronic Formats.

5. We will comply with all applicable Data Protection Laws and Regulations, and co-operate with the governing Data Protection Authorities.


This Privacy Notice explains the type of Personal Information we collect, how we use it, under what circumstances we disclose it, and how we protect the information from misuse.

What does this Privacy Notice apply to?

This Privacy Notice applies to the Personal Information that we collect, during the legitimate course of accepting and arranging your insurance. This includes information provided by various Selling & Financial Platforms, such as our own Website Applegate Insurance Consultants Ltd, Email Insurance Requests and Telephone instructions. Third Parties may have their own Privacy Policy, which you should also refer to. This Privacy Notice is also hereby incorporated into, and forms part of our Terms & Conditions.

Your Consent

By placing your insurance via Applegate Insurance Consultants Ltd, you are consenting to the collection of your Personal Information. Required information is your Name & Address, Telephone Number and Email and any other financial/personal information that shall be deemed necessary in order to obtain quotations from Insurance providers.

If you do not agree to the necessary data collection, please do not instruct us to obtain insurance quotations or renewal offers.

We use your Personal Information only for our own purposes to process your order, in a lawful and fair manner. We will ask you to provide additional consent, if we need to use your Personal Information for our own marketing purposes not covered by this Privacy Notice. You are not obliged to provide such consent but if you decide not to, then your participation in certain promotions may be restricted. If you provide additional consent, the terms of that consent shall prevail in the event of any conflict with the terms of this Privacy Notice.

Please note that we may process your Personal Information without your consent, if we have a legitimate reason to do so, provided that such use will not have a prejudicial effect on your own rights. We will only disclose information to the relevant Law Authorities, where there is a legal request and requirement to do so.


The Products we offer via our Website & Third Party Selling Platforms are designed and intended for purchase by Adults. If you are a Child of the age where parental consent is required in your Country, you should review the terms of this Privacy Notice with your Parent or Guardian to make sure you understand and accept them.

If we discover that we have collected information from a Child without consent from a Parent or Guardian, the information will be removed from our systems.

What information do we collect?

The Personal Information we collect can be all, or a combination of the following:-
Your Name
Job Title
Company or Trading Name
Email Addresses
Telephone Number (Mobile & Land Line)
Personal Financial History
Insurance Claims History

The above information could allow you to be identified.

We do not collect information about your lifestyle, shopping habits, interests or hobbies.

Your Personal Information is obtained from any or all of the following sources:-

a) Yourself, either Written or Verbally, via Email or Telephone.
b) From Insurance Companies whom you have authorised to disclose such information.

How do we use your Personal Information?

Your Personal Information may be used in the following ways:-

a) To provide you with Products or Services that you have requested from us.
b) To contact you regarding Products and Services which may be of interest to you, provided you have given us consent to do so, or, if you have previously requested a Product or Service from us and our contact with you is relevant or related to that request.

Mobile Message Services

We currently do not use, nor employ, any type of Mobile Messaging Service.

Who do we share your Personal Information with?

We do not share, sell, rent, lend nor exchange, your Personal Information with any third party organisations other than Insurance Companies for the purpose of obtaining insurance.

We may share your Personal Information with the relevant Law Authorities, if we are requested to do so for legal reasons, as outlined earlier in this Privacy Notice.

Transferring your Personal Information

Your Personal Information is transferred from our UK Servers to our own Secure Backup System.

Safeguarding your Personal Information

We take all reasonable precautions to keep your Personal Information secure. We require any third parties that handle or process your Personal Information for us, to do the same. Access to your Personal Information is restricted. Access is only permitted amongst our own employees.

Your Privacy Rights and who to contact

You have the right to tell us if you:-

a) Do not wish to be contacted by us
b) Would like a copy of the Personal Information we hold about you
c) Would like us to correct, update, or delete your Personal Information from our records
d) Wish to report any misuse of your Personal Information

Please provide your full name, address, telephone number & email to help assist us with any request, to:- The Data Controller, via email, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Your request should be actioned within 2 Business Days.

Changes to our Privacy Notice

Our Privacy Notice is ever evolving and therefore it will be updated with revisions, as and when the I.C.O. provides recommendations and/or when there is a legal requirement. We advise and encourage you to read our Privacy Notice frequently, to stay informed about how we use your Personal Information.